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Focus onboarding on what matters most to help every frontline employee feel confident in their new role quickly, then continue to build their knowledge and performance over time.

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Onboard faster

Zone in on the topics an employee needs to know to start doing their job well, then continue to build their knowledge long after onboarding is over.

Onboard more effectively

Combine formal learning with hands-on practice during onboarding to make sure every new hire knows their stuff sooner.

Blend compliance into every path?

Give every new hire a friendlier introduction to important procedures, while still making sure they check the compliance box.

See how much you could save

“Our onboarding ramp time reduced dramatically, from 35 days before Axonify to 10 days after Axonify. That’s saving us thousands of dollars per person.”

– Gianna Venturi, Chief People Officer, Eyemart Express
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What makes Axonify onboarding different?

Create tailored learning paths

Guide every new employee through an onboarding process in a meaningful way with learning paths that are specific to their role. Each path unlocks new training topics, tasks and certifications automatically to keep employees moving in the right direction. Milestones and reporting make it easy for them —and you— to track their progress. Focusing on only the things that matter most during onboarding will have every new hire feeling confident in their new role sooner.

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Make on-the-job practice part of your learning flow

Assign tasks directly within an onboarding learning path to connect formal learning with hands-on experience. Starting a new topic or certification automatically unlocks tasks, giving new hires a chance to apply the knowledge they’ve learned before they are responsible for performing solo.

Build knowledge and performance with continuous onboarding

Seamlessly transition from employee onboarding to ongoing training to make sure learning sticks. Reinforce what employees have already learned, introduce new topics and communicate important company updates with fast daily training sessions.

Outstanding onboarding is just the beginning

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According to Gallup, only 12% of workers think their companies do a good job of onboarding. We can change that.