Rapidly cross-train your employees

Build the right skills, so you can fill any role quickly as operational demands and customer needs shift.

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Cross-train faster

Focus on the most important skills that employees need to know to perform confidently in a new role, then continue to build their knowledge and performance over time.

Transform your frontline more efficiently

Combine formal learning with hands-on practice to make sure employees are productive in a new role sooner.

Personalize training for greater impact

Clearly understand and measure the knowledge and skills employees are bringing to their new role, so you can focus training on the things they don’t already know.

Get your frontline ready to roll—whatever the role

Focus on what matters most

Create tailored learning paths that focus only on the things employees will need to know to contribute in their new role. Easily repurpose your existing onboarding content to create the right mix of training modules, hands-on practice and compliance certifications to help them get up to speed quickly.

Build an agile frontline?

“40% of employees said they frequently completed responsibilities outside of their role. As the current disruption resets business models and objectives, the skills needed to deliver business performance are likely to change even more radically and rapidly.”

— Gartner, Build the Workforce you Need


Personalize the experience

Don’t waste time on training that employees don’t need. Understand what each employee already knows, and the gaps they’ll need to fill to get up to speed in their new role. Axonify will automatically adapt each employee’s daily training experience based on their needs and the priority of the training topic.

Reinforce with practice

Juggling an existing job while learning all of the ins and outs of a new role can quickly overwhelm and frustrate employees, which leads to mistakes. Give them an opportunity to practice their new skills for a few minutes each shift in less than five minutes.

Reskill at scale with Axonify

“Companies that unlock reskilling at speed and scale will transform at a pace that leaves their competitors behind.”?

— Mercer, 2020 Global Talent Trends Report

Keep performance support tools at their fingertips

Once employees are up to speed on the new things they need to know, support them with mobile access to critical information, job aids, FAQs and other resources they can access on the fly. Axonify makes it easy for employees to quickly find the resources they need to continue learning as they become more experienced in their new roles, right in the flow of work, on the devices they use every day.

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